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Fuel for the Journey

Coaching through the ups & downs of life, love & loss

Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by. 

I have always loved the idea of seeing life as a journey. There are twists and turns, dreams and disappointments, longings and losses that come to us all along the road of life. In the midst of this fast-paced world, we can often grow weary, losing sight of who we are, what is most important and where we are even headed. We settle for running through life on "empty" without a gas station in sight.

That is where coaching can come in. It can serve as that much needed "pit stop" on the horizon, a safe place to pull over so you can refuel, refresh, reset and revive your weary heart and wandering soul. A coach is committed to coming alongside as a conversation partner to listen deeply without judgment, support your growth and development and encourage you to keep moving forward on your God-given journey with meaning, motivation, peace and purpose. 

Where are you in your journey? It may be time to fuel up.

“Ali has a special gift for meeting people exactly where they are and helping them arrive at the answer that's just around the corner. I always come away from our sessions with new insight and a broader perspective.”

— Eva B., USA

“Ali has a natural ability to use questions to get you to think deeply about your situation and gives you the time to reach well considered outcomes that are right for you. After our sessions, I have a much improved vision of my business and my ideal client.”

— Michele R., Australia

“I really appreciated Ali’s authentic and holistic coaching approach that looked at me as a whole human being. Ali wonderfully adapted her coaching style to my way of learning in order to help me see what needed to change in my life.”

— Dr. Paola F., Italy

“Ali is a fantastic coach who asked thought-provoking questions. As a result, I thought about my problems and issues in ways I never before considered. Each session left me feeling uplifted and empowered.​”

— Margaret W., USA

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